Idiosyncrasy (Privacy) & Use Conditions

Statement of Idiosyncrasy / Privacy Limit

The statement of idiosyncrasy is available on the E-Website of Taffouh Municipality below : .

Recording data spontaneously (directly)

When you browse the Website or when you read its pages or when you download the information, we ill spontaneously and directly collect certain technical information about your visit and store them to be used later for pure statistical purposes.

Personal Data

You can enter and browse the information available on our electronic website without being asked to give personal information about your identification at all, or you can reasonably reveal them. In case you voluntarily reveal your personal information in order to get privileges to enter the website services, or to get access to your e-mail on the municipality website or through the electronic questionnaires or through the communication forms, the Municipality may exchange these data for the purpose of registration and furthering the services of your papers and documents. But these information will not be used, but for notifying you about the status of your documents and applications that you started and/or for the purpose of evaluation your ideas of suggestion to improve or enhance the contents of Municipality Website.

External Links

The Municipality Website includes links that link users to other electronic websites. The municipality will not hold any responsibility about the privacy conditions and contents adopted in these websites . We advise you to get acquainted to the policy of privacy in each electronic website and to take your special decisions concerning the accuracy, authentication and validity of the materials and information you will come across.

Information Security

The Municipality Website follows and applies proper security measures to protect information from loss or from mistreatment or from any unauthentic or illegitimate information. The measures cover the commercial and infrastructure that are secured to monitor the net motion, to allow the entrance of legal users, to decide the illegitimate attempts or causing any other the attempts to change them or to upload information or to cause any other damage or mischief.

Protection Against Viruses

We exert ourselves at all costs to examine and investigate the contents of the website in every stage of production. We always advise you to operate an anti-virus program to protect the materials that have been downloaded from the internet, and we hold no responsibility about any loss or damage or termination of your data or of your personal computer, this damage which may happen during contact with this website, or upon the usage of a material sent through the portal.

Access to Data / Quality

Taffouh Municipality Electronic Website will provide the legitimate users with the personal information which have been collected upon their requests. We advise users to correct any mistakes in their personal information to keep the correct level of dealing with the electronic portal.

Exclusion of Responsibility (Quittance)

Taffouh Municipality operates this E-Website to make information and some certain services available to town's people.

At the time that the whole possible efforts are being done to complete the contents and services , provided by the electronic website, updated, and preserving it, the municipality frees and quits its responsibility from guarantees explicitly or implicitly regarding the accuracy, the validity or the updating of contents and services presented from this website or which have been got known or released from other links or websites. It also holds no responsibility about the services presented to users.

The information presented from this website or which have been got known from the other links and websites are considered general information by its nature.

The municipality holds no responsibility in any way about any losses or damages whatsoever its type, either directly or indirectly , which may resulted from the process of acquaintance on the content or the services presented from this website or from the other links and websites or using them, or as a result of your inability to use the electronic website.

Get Contact With US

If you have any other inquires about the privacy statement or inquiries about the procedures of Taffouh Municipality Website, or any other inquiries, you can contact and correspond us through the municipality telephones or use the through the contact form.

Publication & Re-Publication Rights

The information provided by this electronic website, or which have been acquainted from this website or from any other links or websites are protected in virtue of the laws of publication and printing rights unless the reference to other things is done.

You can download, stored, demonstrate, print or reprint the materials included without make any change on its basic content for your own personal uses only. You are not allowed to use them for commercial uses or for the uses related to companies (and keeping this note or these links to appear on the electronic website.