Municipality Departments
Administrative Department

The administrative department is one of the main central departments. It is the first authority of the various municipality departments in the administrative matters, which is bound with the tasks of managing the human resources, supervising and guiding employees, revising their works, presenting periodic reports about their performances, proposing proper training to enhance their abilities, coordinating and cooperating with other departments, conducting the annual evaluation of department heads, assessing employees and suggesting recommendations, translating strategic plans and general aims into short-term and medium-term plans. The department is working hard with different departments to improve and facilitate the work regulations adopted to finish citizen's papers quickly and accurately.

The administrative department in Taffouh Municipality consists of the following:

  1. Head of the administrative department. For more information, contact: .
  2. Deputy chairman of staff affairs; For more information, contact: , .
  3. Information systems and programming. For more information, contact: .
  4. Storehouses. For more information , .
  5. One Stop Shop. For more information, contact: , .
  6. Public services, correspondence, security and archive .

Department Tasks

  1. Executing the supreme policies, sheets and valid regulations.
  2. Sparing motivated environment for employees that enable them develop their abilities and capacities.
  3. Promoting the efficiency degree of the department staff through encouraging them to participate in specialized training courses.
  4. Electronic archiving of all documents and files in a manner that could be reached easily.
  5. Satisfying the public by presenting services quickly and accurately.