Municipality Services
Water Section

When we talk about water and its importance in human life, we remember the speech of Allah, the Glorified who said, "We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?" Water is the secret of life and it is the invaluable fortune that no one can live without it. Water in Palestine is a commodity of strategic value where we cannot do any economic activity without making sufficient water resources available. Since water resources in Palestine are one the most important factors of development, and that the subterranean water is the main source of water in the town, the municipality attempts to spare the sufficient amount of best quality to citizens through constantly working on searching for new resources of water and demanding water authority to increase the town's share of water and to develop the internal water networks through a comprehensive plan in addition to the strategic plan which put a great importance on this section. The priority in the strategic plan is given to build a new water reservoir and to exploit the underground water and springs in the area of 'Ain Al-Bustan.

Water section is considered as one of the most vital sections in municipality. It supervises the implementation of water and offering all works of maintenance over its cadres, upgrading infrastructure of water networks in all sites in which roads are asphalted and new water pipes are established in the area of 'Ain Deir Baha, Sh'ib Al-Malh. Another network was established in the area of Al-Dahr. The section also maintain and change the old rusted networks to reduce the loss of water and to economize the water consumption . For more information, please contact: , .