Municipality Departments
Public Services Center (One Stop Shop)

Mayor's Discourse

All praise is due to Allah the Glorified, and the best peace and blessings be on the most honourable creature and dispatched, our honest prophet Mohammed(PBUH), and to proceed.

Reverend brothers and sisters; generous citizens inside and outside homeland.

It is a pleasure for me to meet and address you through this position and we are full of hope, trust and ambition that this center (One Stop Shop) will be the link between municipality and citizens of our town. We hope that it will be our address for presenting better services as well as a contact address to get acquainted on the latest developments and to be introduced to each other for the purpose of presenting clarifications, guidance, advice and constructive criticism. We also hope to invest all our capacities for the favor and interests of the citizen and our homeland.

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings
Taffouh Mayor
Mahmoud Abdalla Abd Rabo Irzeiqat


Dear citizen

Since you are our address and our first interest, we honestly and loyally promise you to fulfill your legal papers and documents in due time with transparency and honesty. Being highly careful to offer the best and quick services, the One Stop Shop existed.

One Stop Shop

This center is the sole address of the citizen that works on providing the municipality services in different domains since it is the meeting point between citizens and the various departments of municipality. This section follows the department of administrative affairs. It includes four employees (director, receptionist, examiner, and tax-collection employee). For more information, please contact: or contact: or contact: , , .

One Stop Shop Aims

  1. To unify the party that receives applications regarding all municipal legal papers.
  2. To facilitate and simplify for citizens the application submission process.
  3. To follow up the progress of administrative papers' arrival electronically so as to prevent any loss or missing.
  4. To implement the monitoring principle in controlling and managing the legal papers progress and completing them within the specified period.
  5. To reduce the burdens of continuous and non-organized checking up of citizens for their administrative papers with employees; this will create better performance in a quiet working environment.
  6. To receive all complaints and meet citizen's needs.
  7. To achieve transparency and open door principle, listen to citizens' problems and solve them through holding meetings with municipality mayor.

Services Provided By One Stop Shop

  1. Information and receiving legal papers: Responding to citizen's inquires and clarifications, guiding them how to apply for a service and for required documents, time needed to accomplish the service, have knowledge about the application progress and handed over their processed and completed legal papers.
  2. E-Portal and telephone information: This service aims to facilitate the process for the citizens in inquiring about the progress of their administrative legal papers. Also to inform citizens that their papers are completed and that they can come to the municipality to receive them or to bring the missing ones.
  3. Technology: It aims at archiving all works electronically, make access for employees to communicate and follow up the citizens' applications progress electronically.
  4. Accountability: Through this service, the financial issues related to citizens' legal papers and payment of the different services fees will be done.
  5. Complains and suggestions : This service allows citizen's voice be heard and their complaints reach directly to the mayor and to the competent parties.
  6. Electricity cards recharging: This unit follows up the process of selling and recharging of electricity cards as well installation, replacement and maintenance of electricity meters in the different recharging centers.

Nature and Tasks of One Stop Shop

  1. Facilitates for citizens the process of obtaining municipality services.
  2. Provide municipality services rapidly, effectively, and decently which will guarantee equality and justice for all citizens and within a short period.
  3. Decreases any possibility of procrastination and increases employees responsibility and thus assures transparency.
  4. Receives citizens' application of the service required and prepare them with the relevant divisions, specifically issues related to land, handicrafts and property licenses, …etc.
  5. Receives legal papers of water and electricity subscriptions, and issues financial exemption certificates.
  6. Receives complaints and suggestions and passes them to the relevant party to solve the complaints then to respond to citizens later.
  7. Paying fees for applications, certificates and other services.
  8. Following up land and property assessment.

One Stop Shop Advantages

  1. Providing rapid services for citizens in a comfortable manner.
  2. Providing services for citizens with a minimum cost and effort.
  3. Receives all the services applications.
  4. Giving citizens one address for visits and checking.
  5. Receiving citizens' applications and working on solving them with competent departments.
  6. Reducing the need of moving from one office to another to complete the requires services.
  7. Giving the higher administration the opportunity to work efficiently on their main tasks.

Relation of Citizens With The One Stop Shop

  1. The citizen applies for a service and provides documents needed for the application to the One Stop Shop.

Relation of The One Stop Shop Employee With The Public

  1. Checks the application to make sure that it is complete.
  2. Inform the citizen about the requires procedures to obtain the needed service in due time.
  3. Determine a definite date for visit to check the citizen's file to see if his legal papers or part of them is completed or not according to the application nature.

The Citizen Will

  1. Pay the service fees in accordance with the list of services fees for the accountant, who in turn hands it over to the treasurer.
  2. Receives a written approval letter regarding the requires service.
  3. Receives a written disapproval letter in case the service has not been approved in which reasons and justifications are mentioned.