Municipality Services
Health, Environment & Solid Waste Section

This section concerns with the environment works through gathering the waste material and solid rubbish from their different sources (from houses, commercial, industrial and agricultural sites). It collects rubbish from town and transfer it to the dump (landfill). Then, it can be processed there and recycled, or can be burned and buried to alleviate the negative effect on environment and public health. 6 employees work in this section.

One of the prominent activities was the campaign of "Taffouh 2007 is Clean", the campaign, "Hand with hand, Taffouh will be more beautiful in 2011". Locally, municipality participate in the Joint Service Council Project of Managing Solid Waste" in the south West Bank (Hebron and Bethlehem). Necessary licenses for the dump have been obtained and work starts in the middle of September2011 and continues to the middle on March 2013 where approximately did 80% have been done, and municipality has been supplied with a modern car for collecting waste in 2012. For more information, please contact: .

Tasks of Section

  1. To transfer and gather waste materials from town quarters and to process them in the damp (landfill), located in south.
  2. To campaign everything passively affecting on public health such as insects, mice, and wandering dogs.
  3. Monitoring transgression and violations the rules of preserving environment, and public health and trespass the general aesthetic appearance of town.


  1. Preserving the environmental beauty.
  2. Preserving the beautiful appearance of town.
  3. Reinforcing the role of local society in preserving town beauty.
  4. Reinforcing the role of municipality in the efforts of saving the elegance and beauty of environment on national and local context.