Municipality Departments
Planning & Projects Department

The task of this department is to follow up the development projects from the beginning stage of preparing studies, documents and charts to the stage of supervising and furthering the implementation of projects and even to the post-operation stage, such as the projects of building, public facilities (cultural, social and athletic facilities). It also monitoring the school buildings and furthering the whole construction works which aim at the development of municipality infrastructure.

The department includes a group of professional engineers and technicians to whom a great deal of success is attributable. They took part in the implementation of the biggest projects the town witnessed lately such as the master plan project, municipality border extension , Al-Nakheel Garden project, One Stop Shop project, and many other different projects. For more information, contact: , .

Department Tasks

  1. Sticking to the valid rules, regulations and instructions.
  2. Determining the developmental needs in cooperation with municipality departments.
  3. Proposing a future vision (perspective) that will meet the local society needs and the requirements of the future development plans (Future Development Map).
  4. Conducting the necessary studies to improve the quality of services offered by municipality.
  5. Wording needs in the proposals.
  6. Providing projects that increase interaction between municipality and local society.
  7. Evaluating the developmental projects during and after execution and submitting reports to the concerned parties.
  8. Contacting companies and experts of the local and international market for development purposes.
  9. Preparing studies and developmental projects in cooperation and coordinating with other departments.
  10. Coordinating and cooperation with public relations to raise these studies to the donating countries for the purpose of getting the necessary funds and furthering their implementation.