Taffouh municipality
Strategic Document

Taffouh Municipality endeavors to cope with developments and increasing needs of the town's people and wishes to fulfill the comprehensive development through the active and efficient participation by the main institutions (social, cultural, youth, women, services and private sector of all groups). This can be done on the basis of determining policies, programs and special measures of the development march , and through adopting a clear system for planning and development by drawing a rough sketch that can be applied after it has been agreed upon . accredited , modified, and diagnosis the points of strengths and weaknesses of Taffouh municipality and council as part of the Palestinian homeland, in a manner that the growth will be integrated and compatible with the general economic development. Sticking to these principles and rules, the document concentrates on the following ideas:

  1. Realism (Strategic Dimension): the document is interested in determining the aims, choosing programs according to priority, resources, possibilities, available opportunities, potential obstacles, and its viability in specific time (duration).
  2. Comprehensiveness: The document must be comprehensive in providing better services to all groups and sectors taking into account the available possibilities and impediments. It should also tackle crises and find alternatives for these crises and obstacles to achieve the comprehensive development.
  3. Flexibility: The document must be flexible and viable according to the policies and regulations prepared, to its capacity in dealing with problems and emergencies. It also should be viable to the stages of assessment according the plans the various administrative levels and according to the budget of the local committee.
  4. Furthering & Evaluation: It means the supervision and furthering the extent of actualization of strategic implementation to aims and purposes and to examine the extent of its success by using all administrative levels according to the available data for the purpose of taking the measures of re-correction and to solve problems that may appear during the implementation of the plan.
  5. Integrity: It means the connection and compatibility of the document with the plans of the PNA, with the plans of Ministries and Directorates in the Governorates ; with the donating and supporting countries and with the concerned parties.
  6. Specialization and Effective Participation: It means that the importance of the document comes from mutual exchange of ideas and its interaction with the main institutions and with the civil society sectors to reach the stage of development in conformity with the population increasing needs, and to achieve the general interest through recruiting of the specialized committees and the influential efficient cadres.
  7. Transparency & Inquiry : It means that the document is subjected to criticism and questioning by individuals and institutions as well as by the local society because it depends on the non-classical administrative style (team work). It accepts others to participate in drawing and wording the aims, their development and furthering their achievement.