Municipality Departments
Information Systems & Programming

Basically, this department attempts to computerize and filing the whole administrative and services systems inside and outside municipality. It also computerize the invoices and receipts of water and electricity, updated and maintained them, and changing all manual data and records into computerized information (computerized files).Besides, the department attempts to produce an electronic environment that support the daily services through establishing and inaugurating electronic service programs in the internet and within the internal network of municipality. One of these services is the electronic portal of services which allows citizens and employees to get access to these information, to inquire, to present applications and complaints through the One Stop Shop. By using the internet instead of classical manual method, the citizen can get access to the electronic website of municipality. The department cooperates with the competent parties such as the programming companies, Municipality Development Fund and the German Cooperation for Development and Training (Giz). For more information, please contact: .

The department follows up and prepares the internal and external computer networks, coordinates with telecommunications to provide municipality with proper contact services, sparing technical support for municipality electronic website, and suggesting technical descriptions of the necessary devices, solving problems of devices if existed, programming them, sparing protection systems, and linking peripheral programs with servers inside and outside municipality, From among the programs that are being followed are the following:

  1. Almanar for Accounting & Finance Management.
  2. Electricity Elektromed Program.
  3. Free Balance System.
  4. Fixed Assets, Stores & Purchases Platform System.
  5. RMIS- Revenue Management Information System.
  6. Attendance System.
  7. Accountability for General Budget Platform.
  8. Customers Services.

Through these programs, we can follow up the work team over an internal network and servers, and by this way we shift from inaccurate manual work into more accurate electronic work. Moreover, we can contact and communicate through these systems, network and servers with the different departments of municipality. In 2011-2012, we were working on preparing a mechanism for water and electricity pre-paid systems in which electricity and water can be charged electronically. We establish several units to facilitate access to these charging units, especially in the remote regions and quarters. The units are:

  1. The main charging unit in the tax-collection center-town center.
  2. Municipality main building-Al-Hiwwara area.
  3. A charging point in an internet center- Beer Al-Maleh area.
  4. A charging point in an internet center- Idgheibees area.
  5. A charging point in an internet center-Luza area.

The main aim of this department in the near future inshaalah is to achieve the self-sufficiency in programming and to get rid of the externalresources in sparing municipality needs from computer programs and electronic systems. The aims can be summarized as follows:

  1. To develop computer programming and systems.
  2. To search for developed programs and modern technologies.
  3. To spare maintenance and technical support for computer systems and updated them periodically.
  4. To apply the GIS in municipality works.
  5. To gradually move towards integrated electronic service environment.
  6. To archive and protect municipality files electronically.

Information System Tasks

  1. Sticking to the valid rules ,systems and regulations.
  2. Supervising databases and assuring their safety.
  3. Making several copies to protect databases from loss.
  4. Fathering contracts and supplies from external parties.
  5. Developing the system of entering data and facilitating related measures.
  6. Coordinating with municipality departments to study its needs from programmers and computer sets.
  7. Offering suggestions to promote working with a suitable strategy, furthering and implementing it.
  8. Providing technical support and arranging departments data over the municipality website periodically.
  9. Coordinating with purchase department to purchase computer sets, printers and suitable programs and tools.