Municipality Departments
Public Relations

The idea of public relations in Taffouh Municipality-as an administrative concept and a systematized work- comes from the current developments in society. The public relations in Taffouh Municipality is considered as one of its development factors, and which harmonizes with its aims and vision. The public relations department involves interlinking with other institutions of local society, presenting municipality works, activities, accomplishments and future vision to reach the peak and to achieve the biggest deal of services for society.

The most important accomplishments concentrate on the engagement in meetings, conferences and workshops. The role of public relation appears clearly in welcoming the Palestinian Prime Minister, Minister of Local Government, Hebron Governor and leaders of national work. It also appears in furthering advertisements in the different mass media ( audible, visible , legible and in internet). For more information, Contact: .

Department Tasks

  1. Receiving official delegations and visitors.
  2. Providing visitors and guests with information, data and publications that clarify municipality activities.
  3. Accompanying visitors and delegations in field rounds around the town.
  4. Preparing gifts for guests and delegations as well as bags for official occasions.
  5. Finishing all requirements related to the official visits of delegations such as addressing calls, travel regulations, assuring reservations, hospitality and reception.
  6. Organizing visits and celebrations, planning required programs and inviting responsible.
  7. Sending congratulation cards in the name of mayor and answering the congratulation cards coming to the mayor's office.
  8. Promoting and advancing public relations with governmental organizations and departments.
  9. Reinforcing the emotional relations between the employees of the Ministry of Local Government and the employees of other ministries, and the employees of municipality in their rejoicing or affliction occasions.
  10. Contacting donating foreign countries regarding the domains of scholarships, agreements and development projects, and inviting them to visit municipality as well as furthering the donating institutions.
  11. Funding the proposed projects, prepared by the planning and development department.
  12. Establishing good relations with local organizations such as municipalities, commerce chambers, industrial institutions and universities.
  13. Improving the image of municipality in the eye of these institutions.
  14. Preparing the Norwegian Pamphlets, brochure, leaflets and publications.
  15. Preparing and updating lists of responsible numbers.