Municipality Departments
Strategic Planning

The Planning and Development Department Kept his job on furthering the developmental projects, funded by the donating parties. It also further the implementation of municipality strategic plan regarding the systematizing structure, capacity building project, hierarchical structure project, municipality borders extension, Al-Nakheel garden project, unified financial system project, One Stop Shop project, the municipality developmental strategic plan for years 2012-2015, report of systematized building, electricity pre-paid meter project, preparation for water pre-paid meter project and preparing documentary films about Taffouh as in the model of the film entitled "Huroof Watan" in the coming years. For more information, don't hesitate to contact: .


Relation of Strategic Developmental Planning Unit With Concerned Parties

Department Tasks

  1. Preparing and reviewing the developmental strategic plan periodically.
  2. Aiding heads of departments and responsibles of administrative units in the preparation of the annual implementation plans, emerged from the adopted strategic plan related to their units and departments, and furthering the accountancy department to enter the executive plans within the municipality annual budget.
  3. Preparing the annual executive plans, resulted from the accredited developmental strategic plan.
  4. Coordinating between local society institutions and the different local committees to prepare the necessary studies to determine the developmental needs in the town, and coordinating with the resposibles of the different administrative units to prepare the detailed proposals and feasibility studies.
  5. Coordinating with the Ministry of Local Government to follow up the process of classifying the projects which will be executed by the various ministries within the sector plans of these ministries.
  6. Circulating projects directed to the private sector and to the civil society institutions.
  7. Executing furthering processes and annual evaluation of the plan with participation of the concerned parties.
  8. Updating the executive plans annually in terms of the assessment and furthering processes.
  9. Getting the mayor and the municipal council be acquainted about the extent of progress of the strategic plan periodically.
  10. Supervising the preparation process, updating the municipality website and preparing the related written material.