Public relations
Public Relations

The idea of Public Relations has appeared as an administrative and institutional work due to the developments occurred in the local society. Therefore, the public relations in Taffouh Municipality has become one of the most significant factors of its development Which acts in accordance with its aims and its vision. The public relations holds the responsibility of interlinking with local communal institutions and intertwining with international municipalities. It also holds the responsibility of presenting the works of municipality its activities, achievements, and its future vision for the purpose of offering to best services in all domains through the active participation to reach success.

The most important accomplishments appear in the meetings, conferences and workshops held by the municipality. Besides, the public relationships is also responsible for formal receptions such as the reception of the Palestinian Prime Minister, the Minister of Local Government, benignant Governor of Hebron Governorate, and the reception of national work leaderships in the governorate and in homeland. Moreover, the department is responsible for furthering mass media (audio-visual and legible materials) and issuing periodical magazines and publications that summarize the municipality achievements. For more information, please contact: , .