Municipality Services
Electricity Section

The municipality has a good electricity network that covers that covers most areas in the town. But due to the increasing population and the increasing numbers of beneficiaries, there is a bad need to re-distribute and re-develop the network to reach the remote new areas that the current does not reach. We have started to fix a lot of transformers, high and low pressure networks, increasing road lamps and executing a lot of projects to improve the electricity service. The most important projects are the relay stations, building high and low pressure lines, fixing subsidiary pressure station, replacing the uncovered cables by covered cables. The department distributed brochures to citizens to economize the amount of electricity consumed. Moreover, the department has executed a big project and that is the electricity pre-paid project for all subscribers with a cost of more than one million Israeli shekels paid from municipality fund in 2008-2009. Many contractors have signed agreements to open a number of sale points in areas of Krum Al-GHarabah, Loza, Abu Dh'eejan. This section follows Planning and Project Department. For more ionformation, please contact: , .