Town Of Taffouh
A Brief About The Town Of Taffouh

Taffouh is considered as one of the overcrowded rural Palestinian localities (regions) according to the authorized classification of the Palestinian Central Census Bureau. It is situated 5 kilometers west of Hebron at the top of a hill adjacent to the borders of Hebron in the east , the borders of Dura district in the south and west and the borders of Taqumia, BeitKahil and Idna in the north. It is connected to Hebron by a local asphalted road and it rises 850 m. above sea level.Its total population is approximately (14,000) The total area of the town is (20,300) dunums, but the building area is (628)dunums. The people of the town grow olive trees, vineyards, almonds, citrus and cereals. Its master plan takes an elongated shape. The town is surrounded by the lands of Hebron, Dura, BeitKahel, Tarqumia and Idna and is characterized by rugged and impoverished geographical features. As for the buildings, they are located on top of a mountainous hillseparated by valleys (wadis) of medium depth, and they are distributed on a number of natural plots (20 plots) after the extension of the municipality borders in 2007/2008, where the percentage of extension was 600% .