Municipality Services
People of Special Needs

The issue of people of special needs is considered as one of the main and the most important and effective issues. The municipality works on the rehabilitation and integrating them in the society. It is very important to study this issue, analyze it and to introduce its dimensions closely. It is not suffice to discuss and study the individual demonstrations and phenomena of the disability. The comprehensive and the deepest vision of the issue of the special needs may give a clear picture of the problems facing the people of special needs, this vision do not lay out agendas for social and human development on the short, medium and long-terms in the policies of strategic planning immediately behind these projects.

Taffouh Municipality as the other institutions takes care with this group. It appointed a social worker (social guide) to receive the children of 18-years from both genders through which examination, evaluation and diagnosis of disabled children are conducted. Some children get the required service such as the helping devices, and some are referred outside the town to get medication and treatment because the unavailability of such medication or due to the highest cost of the disability.

Out of the strategic plan of Taffouh Town emerged this issue as the most priority, and the projects caring with this sector have been described since the municipality place great importance on this sector. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact : .