Town Of Taffouh
Confiscated Lands- Jamroura


The lands of Jamroura is located 23 kms. to the west of Hebron. It borders on the lands of Sanabreh from the west, the lands of Tarqumia and Beit Kahel from the east, Beit Ola from the north, and Idna from the south.

Jamroura is considered as the end beginning of the western Hebron mountainous range, and the beginning of the Palestinian Coastal Plain. These lands are situated within the natural plots 2,3,4,5 according to the map with a drawing measurement 1/10,000, longitude 102-116 and latitude 146-148, and they bear several names: Marj Qassa ( Meadow/ Pasturage of Qassa); Ruweisat; Shi'ib Azzam (Azzam Pass); Akfar; An-Nijma;Al-Khab; Abu 'Umeira Orchards; Thera' Al-'bd;Khalet Mikhmas;and Khalet Al-Khemeh. The total area of these lands are approximately 2019 dunums.

Introduction To Ownership:- The lands of Jamroura are owned by the people of Taffouh without exception. They have been inherited generation after generation since the Ottoman Epoch, definitely in November 1890. They are registered on 28 land documents in the names of 28 persons from Taffouh at the Ottoman Official Departments in accordance to the Turkish sources and the Turkish Archive. The documents were ratified by the Turkish Ministry of Affairs and also by the Palestinian Embassy in Turkey. Besides, the people of Taffouh possess official and legal land certificates (Taboo) from the Palestinian Departments, as well as tax documents.

Confiscation (Expropriation)

Taffouh, as the other Palestinian towns, cities and villages has exposed to confiscation and expropriation by the Israeli occupation . These confiscated lands of Taffouh are situated 23 kms. to the west of Hebron.

The people of Taffouh have achieved a successful triumph over the Israeli programs aimed at the confiscation and expropriation of the Palestinian lands in Taffouh. We were able to drive away the occupation and adjust the track of the dividing discriminating wall away from our lands by the means of our own possibilities without receiving any support or financial subsidy from any authority. We resisted occupation and struggled it legally and in mass media until we have achieved the real victory at last. We have got a verdict from the court that canceled the confiscation resolution of our lands in the area of Jamroura. Thus, the people of Taffouh gives another model of steadfastness and confrontation against the programs of the Palestinian land confiscation, and against the occupation attempts aiming at Judaization and this old-new model can be used as a good example to stick with our own birthplaces, and to seize firmly our land and our national rights.

From here we raise the voice loudly and publish the praises of the citizens' efforts who contribute to the development march by paying back all the costs and expenditures relating to the issue, and which exceeds (JD200,000). In addition, we highly appreciate the role of security apparatuses, especially the roles of legal department of the preventive security forces and the national security forces. We also appreciate the efforts done by the region leader and everyone who contribute to supporting this issue.

Confiscation Resolutions & Declaration

As it is well-known, the occupation forces have greeds and interests in these lands as in the remaining Palestinian lands. The suffering starts in the nineteenth decade (1990s) when the Israeli occupation forces established the old Tarqumia barrier on a piece of land related to the town in the area of Ruweisat, and which is now known as Tarqumia crossing . About (150) dunums were expropriated and confiscated from their owners by the Absentees Property Custody Department. This expropriation is considered as confiscation.

Moreover, the Israeli occupation did not feel relieved or get calmed down. On 15/9/2005, they established the dividing wall in the area of Shi'b al-Bahr to control over and usurp this area for we were not being able to get it back by prosecuting at military courts.

Since that date, the people of the town has established Jamroura's Defense Committee in 1991with consensus of all social spectrums of town's people, who agreed upon that the Jamroura lands are for all and must be defended by all. An agreement has been done with town's people to commit to the whole expenses on their own personal account without any exception.

  1. In 1993, confiscation No.1/23 has been declared and objection against the military confiscation order No.(77/91-79/91)has been done by the town' people regarding the issue No.(2087/93) and the map measured (1/20.000), where about (5000) dunums of the neibouring lands have been confiscated. Part of Jamroura' lands lies within this declaration in the site of Al-Nijmah and Dhera' Al-Abd. The area exceeds approximately more than (470) dunums within declaration No.(1/23).
  2. In 1991, another confiscation order has been declared in another site of Jamroura, and that is the site of Marj Qassa and the site of Ruweisat. The people of the town began to move in an attempt to abolish the resolution. A group went to Turkey to bring the land certificates issued at the time of the Ottoman Empire (Taboo Kushans). We requested the opening of the Turkish Archive and we succeeded in this endeavour. The Palestinian land records have been opened and objection has been presented before the Israeli Objection Committee. Survey maps , aerial maps and reports of land expertys and agriculture have also been presented. But in 1991, th e confiscated land have been transferred to the Absentee Property Custody, who in turn give it to the World Zionist Agency, and then to yehuda Bin Ary Company for Investment. Objection against this resolution has been done in 1993. We were asked to pay a high financial bail and we succeeded to persuade the objection committee to issue a temporary banning resolution to prevent Yehuda Company from Investment in these lands. The recognition has been offered as they were State lands against leasing it for us 99 years, but this offer has been refused. Then a confiscation of (120) dunums in 1997 has been declared in the site of the old Tarqumia Crossing in 2003.
  3. In 2005, a declaration to confiscate part of the land to establish the dividing wall, bearing No.4/0/65/2000 within map 50.000has been issued. An order bearing No.(5/55/t) concerning putting hand on the land of the Crossing has been declared. This part includes (475) dunums inside the dividing wall and (105) dunums have been confiscated for the favour of the Crossing establishment.
  4. An issue has been raised to the Supreme Justice Court, bearing No. ( 365/5/t) , and another No. (4/65/2000). As it is known for all, the issue of the dividing wall has a political and security dimension. The Israelis succeeded to convince the court with feeble security excuses and pretexts, but we have succeeded to diminish the width of the wall from 100 meters to 30 meters. They also allow us to open gates to get into the lands inside the wall, and they asked us to accept compensations against the olive trees uprooted and against using the Crossing. We absolutely refused this offer since it legitimize the resolution of the wall construction. More than 10 families inside the wall have been dismissed and forced to leave their tents. They were always cultivating and protecting their own lands.

After 20 years of prosecution and suing at the Israeli courts and submitting the required papers such as land deeds, limitations of succession, ownership certificates, tax documents in the days of the Ottoman State and after the elaborate and comprehensive investigation by the Israeli Objection Committee in the issue No.(2087/1993), we obtained a resolution of lifting confiscation from all lands of Jamroura on 23/1/2009. The resolution has been endorsed on 6/4/2009,. It should be known that the confiscation orders were declared on 1/9/1983 according to military issued by the Objection Committee, bearing No.(2/m/1) , and another confiscation order declared on 9/1/1991, bearing No. (1/1991) . These two declarations were joined to each other in the objection file No.(79/1991) and file No. (100/1991. For more information, please contact: .