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Land Estimation & Registration

The Palestinian territories in general and the town of Taffouh in particular are recently experiencing multi-dimensional big changes in all aspects of life. These big changes are accompanied with escalating and accelerating archaeological growth. Therefore, the process of estimation and re-updating the land registration is considered as one of the most vital and important projects for the development of any humane civilized community because it controls the process of development with its all dimensions and types in the urban localities and neibourhoods. Land estimation and registration provides us with a future vision and with a defined plan limited in time and in geography. Furthermore, it contributes to solving the existing problems of these localities as well as it confirms by one way or by another the national identity through the preservation of the historic, heritage and archaeological inheritance of these localities.

Therefore, in 2007-2008 Taffouh Municipality in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Government, the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Property Taxation updated the land registration which dated back to 1957/1958. Some registries are lost and others have been changed and amended or adjusted over the long period of time.

On 15/7/2007, Taffouh Municipality commenced the process of land and building estimation in the town. This has been done on two stages:

  • The first stage has been done within municipality borders.
  • The second stage has been done within the extension borders after being accredited by the competent authority.

Upon the completion of each stage, the process of publication and objection has been performed in public places and mosques by the means of advertisements, audio-visual materials and by mass media.

Upon the termination of this process on 31/7/2008, the estimation registers have been accredited and adopted by the Department of Property Taxation in the Ministry of Finance. Then, the process of tax collection from the trustworthy citizens has been done in 2009 for the favour of the Ministry of Finance and Taffouh Municipality. Besides, the processes of sale, change of disposal and issuance of Taboo certificates are conducting in accordance to these updates. For more information, please contact: , ,