Municipality Departments
General Administration

Municipality Director

The administrative department in Taffouh Municipality is considered as the crucial and the most important department in the Municipality. It is the first authority for the different departments in the administrative affairs and it is responsible for many divisions such as the general administration, the staff affairs, tax levy, One Stop Shop, correspondents and security. The department works and cooperate with the other departments to improve and facilitate the work measures in order to fulfill the citizen's papers quickly and accurately.

The municipality director is directly responsible for preparing the municipal council sessions and is responsible for everything relating to wording its resolutions, its internal memoranda (memos) and furthering their implementation and transferring them to the concerned departments for implementation and completing the regulations in due form, execute policies, regulations and systems valid in municipality, create a motivated atmosphere for employees to enable them develop their capacities, skills and talents through involving them in specialized training courses and workshops. He is also responsible for reviewing archives, meeting the needs of reviewing crowd and offering better services quickly and adequately. For more information, contact: .

Duties of Municipality Director

  1. To stick to valid laws, instructions, rules and regulations.
  2. To implement policies and measures accredited by mayor and municipal council.
  3. To prepare the agenda of municipal council sessions.
  4. To submit periodic reports about work to the mayor.
  5. To participate in laying out the municipality strategic plans.
  6. To hold and prepare conferences for mayor.
  7. To represent the mayor and to do some jobs after receiving guidance and direction.
  8. To follow up the daily activities in all departments and giving guidance to them.
  9. To follow up the citizens' problems and solve them.
  10. To follow up the issues raised by municipality and the issues raised against municipality.
  11. To word the different agreements related to municipality.
  12. To write admonitions(warnings) and direct them to defectiveor malfunctioned employees.


This department follows the municipality director and mayor. A female employee works in this department, caring withoutgoings and incomings. The burden of tasks on the secretary is so high, especially those tasks concerning the internal jobs and works such as soring files in archives, typing reports and different inquires. For more information contact: .

Secretary Tasks

  1. Sticking to the rules, laws, instructions and systems adopted.
  2. Answering telephone calls and responding to inquiries.
  3. Coordinating visits to the mayor's office.
  4. Holding meetings by coordinating with municipality director and other departments.
  5. Typing official letters, reports and correspondences issued by mayor and general director.
  6. Registering all correspondences, getting out or coming in, either by fax, ordinary mail or electronic mail, then keeping copies of them.
  7. Receiving and classifying faxes.
  8. Storing files and keeping them in archives.

Current Situation and Future Vision of General


The present situation goes abreast with the administrative developments in the administrative field and meets the different requirements of municipality department. Besides, the General Administration gives better services to citizens through enhancing the degree of employees' efficiency, placing the right man in the right place, and developing the systems of municipality. Moreover, the electronic systems enabled us to obtain information quickly and with high accuracy, transforming all files existed in the ordinary archive into electronic archive, and changing all services in municipality into electronic services, on our way to reach an electronic municipality.