Municipality Departments
Financial Department

The financial department is considered as the main departments of municipality. It has the tasks of managing the available financial resources on the basis of the policies, instructions and systems issued by the municipal council. This can be done developed accountancy programmes. It also prepares the financial reports and submit them to decision makers, review contracts and all financial obligations and duties, supervises the application of financial conditions of contract and purchase. It is also responsible for the safety of the papers related to the financial department, for supervising and monitoring accounts and budgets to assure issuing accurate final accounts in due time. Moreover, the department participates in the different financial committees, coordinating with accredited banks concerning the municipality financial processes and preparing the water and electricity reports and debts.

The financial department consists of the following staff:

  1. Financial director. For more information, contact: .
  2. Accountancy Division Head. For more information, contact: .
  3. Cashier. For more information, contact: .
  4. Tax collection. For more information, contact: .

Department Tasks

  1. Executing the formal financial policies.
  2. Recording the accountability processes and producing the different financial reports.
  3. Preparing the approximate budget and the annual allowances in cooperation with the heads of various departments.
  4. Supervising the funds (purchases, assets, investments,…etc) and proposing policies, regulations and sheets.
  5. Monitoring the monetary motion, the bank accounts, and making sure that the work march is going in conformity with the defined regulations.
  6. Monitoring the works of tax collection (water, fees,…etc).
  7. Conducting financial analysis and preparing project studies.
  8. Coordinating with other administrations to contribute developing the municipality development.
  9. Performing the role of honest guard over the assets and municipality properties.
  10. Contacting and cooperation with the governmental and private outside parties concerning the financial aspects.
  11. Preparing the periodic and non-periodic reports concerning the financial performance.
  12. Preparing the municipality final annual accounts.
  13. Suggesting the necessary financial, monetary and accountability modifications in a manner that matches the requirements and work developments.
  14. Changing strategic plans and general aims accredited by the municipal council and relating to the financial department into short-term and medium-term plans for implementation.
  15. Revising contracts and all other obligations and pledges or duties before endorsing them with othersto determine their financial effect on municipality.
  16. Managing loans and gifts offered from the various parties, arranging paying installments and organizing and registering all financial processes concerning loans and gifts which are related to certain projects.