Municipality Services
Building Section

The activity of licensing buildings is considered as one of the most important activities done by the municipality for its great influence on the archaeological, economic, ecological, cultural and political dimensions of town and citizens. It is also considered as the most important sources of fund that supplies monetary flows to municipality. For more information, please contact: , .

Aims of Building Section

Licensing building and collecting license fees is not an aim of this section but rather a means to achieve a number of aims. The main aim of this section is to guarantee the application of planning and building rules which were originally placed down to achieve:

  1. To keep the town organizational aspects, to guarantee sticking to the master plan previously prepared by municipality, to keep on the adopted divisions into areas of living, commercial, industrial, agricultural and green areas as well as areas of potential extension of town borders.
  2. To make the archeological dimension of town compatible and consonantly by establishing the buildings in unison (total agreement), keeping the gracefulness and aesthetic aspect of roads and quarters.
  3. To keep the safety of environment by separating industrial zones from housing zones and to guarantee the legal regression and the portions of building in the housing, commercial and industrial areas.
  4. Public safety of citizens, laying out the master plan of main roads and sideways, either they are existed or proposed and keeping them away from buildings, a matter that contribute efficiently achieve the safety on roads and reduction of accidents.
  5. Conserving the rules of building planning and not dispersing the resources by establishing buildings randomly, which contradict planning rules and laws.
  6. Completing the master plan and determining extension areas.