Public relations
International Cooperation

After a long time of international isolation and introversion, Taffouh Municipality began to contact with the outside world.

Constructive mutual relations with the other world cities began to appear and develop through understanding and dialogue, linked by nothing but by humanitarian dimension. They cooperate, sympathize and consolidate friendly in all aspects of life. These strong relations resulted in exchanging experiences in the domains of social service, environment, infrastructure development. The joint language and civilization between Taffouh and the Arab World has great influence in the development of these relationships.

International Relations

Comparable to municipality's interest on the local level, it was interested to build contact lines with the official institutions, embassies, Arab and foreign judicial individuals and corporations inside and outside homeland. It also interested in building links with donating countries, political personalities, ministries, legislative council members , expatriates and compatriots. For more information, please contact: , .