Municipality Departments
Purchases and Bid-Tenders

Purchase and bid-tenders department concerns with the process of administering the purchases and tenders in municipality. The department manages the preparation of bids, publishes notifications and follows up the matters of materials supplied and the contractor who won the bid. The department also perform all the main processes of purchases of all municipality departments and projects. It performed many works and jobs and worked on the development and organizing the administrative dimensions of the various department processes. For more information, don't hesitate to contact : .

Department Tasks

  1. Preparing bid-tenders, publishing notices and giving them to winners.
  2. Following up the matters of the material supplied and the purchase processes in all municipality departments and projects.
  3. Cooperating with engineering department, project department and the administrative and financial department.
  4. Participating in the committees who receive finished projects.
  5. Participation in the committees who receive supplied goods and wares .
  6. Executing and furthering the supplying process of the daily purchase requests.
  7. Executing and administering the process of prices offers and furthering them after they have been given to winners.
  8. Furthering the process of storehouses purchases.
  9. Keeping documents, registers, papers and invoices (vouchers).
  10. Applying the transparency principle in all works of the department.