Municipality Services
Horticulture & Agriculture Section

Agricultural activity is one of the most prominent activities that the municipality do lately for its great influence on the aesthetic and environmental aspects of town For more information, please contact:. .

Tasks of Horticulture &Agriculture Section

  1. Supplying trees and plants as well as irrigation systems, fertilizers, secateurs, shears, etc.
  2. Aiding a number of public schools and some of institutions in agricultural technical works to preserve the existed plants and rare flowers or to grow new plans and flowers on the account of municipality or on their own accounts.
  3. Launching a campaign of grafting and shearing trees before and after winter according to need.
  4. Growing a number of plants in public locations.
  5. Planting a great deal of plants and trees in municipality Al-Nakheel Garden as well as in the facilities and centers of municipality and on road sides.
  6. Shearing trees that impede the works of electricity.