Taffouh municipality
Hierarchy Structure of Taffouh Municipality

In the beginning of 2011 the classification of Taffouh Municipality has been promoted from C to C+ after it has fulfilled the eligible conditions of classification, and upon this, the municipality reviewed the arrangements and the structure of its departments. It produced a number of departments and, divisions and sections which were not previously available. This wad done by relying on the model classification of municipalities classified C+ in the Palestinian local commission system of 2007. The new hierarchical structure consists of four administrative systems : Municipality director; Departments heads; Division heads; and section heads. The following shape shows the hierarchical structure of Taffouh Municipality which has been adopted in the early 2011 by the Ministry of Local Government.

From the shape above, it is noticed that the municipality work is centralized within two main departments: the financial and administrative department and the planning and projects department. These two departments are subjected to the supervision of the general municipality administration (municipality director), and which in turn directly supervises the bids and purchases division. The mayor supervises the municipality works in general and follows him the department of public relations and the department of planning and evelopment.