Taffouh municipality
Successive Municipal Councils

Over the ages, the municipality witnessed a history full of important events, but there was always a beam of hope emerging from the seep faith of its people and leaders. So, successive local councils alternately came one after the other, starting from the occupation period to the Palestinian National Authority epoch, a n illumination point in th history of the great town These councils with their chiefs and their members represented a strong barrier against the greed of occupiers and their attempts to grab our rights or to divide our unity . The PNA has established a lot of departments and new units (1) on developed scientific bases since its establishment. Acknowledging the rights of those great leaders who lead this great town in the right path, we perceive that have to record their names in golden pages to commemorate their events in people's memory and to admit their gratitude and grace.

The 2005-2012 Village Council

This council has been established in 2005 on the basis of the municipal elections held on 5/5/2005 and kept on 1/10/2009. It was headed by Dr. Khalid Ibrahim Badawi Al-Taradeh. On 1/9/2009, the council has been headed by Mr. Nimer Mahmoud Khamayseh.


D. Khalid Ibrahim Badawi Taradeh 2005-2009


Nimr Mahmoud Salamah Khamayseh 2010-2012

The 2005-2012 Village Council

Abdul-Karim Irzeiqat (Deputy mayor)

Tawfiq Ali Hasan Khmayseh

Fayez Mahmoud Ibrahim Irzeiqat

Hussein Abdul-nabi Khamayseh

Hakam Rajab Mohammad Taradeh

Isma'el Mohammad Ahmad Khamayseh

Zidan Isma'el Ahmad AL-Sa'eed

Siham Ali Ibrahim Irzeiqat

Iman Badr Mohammad Taradeh

Current Municipal Council

This council has been established in 2012 based on the municipal elections held on 20/10/2012. The council was headed by Mr. Mahmoud Abdellah Abd-Rabo Irzeiqat.

Mahmoud Abdellah Abd-Rabo Irzeiqat

Nayef Isma'el Ali Khamayseh

Nu'man Salamah Musa Al-Taradeh

Dr. Ahmad Khalil Ahmad Khamayseh

Omar Abdullah Mahmoud Al-Taradeh

Ayman Yousef Mohammad Irzeiqat

Mohammad Mahmoud Irzeiqat

Sa'di Mahmoud Mohammad Irzeiqat

Talab Abdul Majid Talab Khamayseh

Fatima Mohammad Ahmad Taradeh

Samah Shafiq Mohammad Irzeiqat