Taffouh municipality
A Brief About Taffouh Municipality

The first unofficial local committee was established in Taffouh in 1970 after the Israeli occupation to the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967. It consists of three elites (mukhtars) from the town to administer the needs of the people and to disengage quarrels and to solve disputes between people. The committee kept on its work until 1979 under the presidency of Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Jaber Irzeiqat as the town Mukhtar. He was responsible for providing services to citizens, and despite of his attempt to systematize the municipal work and to improve the services offered to the people of the town, the Israeli occupation aborted all his attempts.

When the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) established and received the tasks of administering the self-government in the West Bank in 1967 and after 3 years of signing the peace agreement between the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel in the Norwegian city of Oslo, the PNA with coordination with the Ministry of Local Government nominated and authorized 7 members of the town judicial characters to establish the first local council in the town to the time the local elections will be held. The local committee was nominated as a municipality, but it was not classified since then. The authorized council kept on doing its work until 2005 when the first elected municipal council was established. It consisted of 11 elected members (9 males and 2 females). This elected council is still existing and working in conformity of responsibilities and duties authorized to them in accordance of the Palestinian Local Commission Law until 20/10/2012.